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Its about BALANCE!


One of the most subjective, mis-understood, and maligned concepts in shotgun shooting, especially 'low-gun' shooting,  is the concept of 'balance'. 

Time to plan your Sporting Clays Goals for 2016!

Setting Goals for the Upcoming Sporting Clay SeasonOk Folks,Do you have this season's goals set? Often I hear that a student's goal is to move up in class....fair enough, I can see that......but realize, if that is the case, you need to plan your calender accordingly. If your goal is to move up, you have [...]

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Blast from the past! This is a good story, and a good lesson about the mindset needed to win.......

TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 2010"This is when we WIN"....a lesson learned from Dan CarlisleFolks,This past weekend, I had a good shoot. I had not performed as well as I had wanted at my first 2 events this year, and I was determined to get my game together. I practiced....I worked on my mindset, and I was [...]

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Blast from the past! This is a blog post from years ago....relevant today...... a bit of sporting clays experience/wisdom to keep in mind as you grow in the sport!

Be a target shooter, not a target critic.....and other lessons.....So I'm helping a student, and we are trying to figure out why his performance wasn't up to par at his last major shoot. The good news was that I was in his squad at the shoot in question, so I already had a good idea.....I [...]

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Blast from the past! Here is a good blog post from a few years back regarding target focus.....still applies today!

Please, tell yourself to FOCUS on the targetSo,I stop by the local range, Rocky Creek , to drop off some Gamebore shotshells today, and a good old friend asked me to help him with a pair of targets that way giving him trouble. He helped me unload the shells, and I helped him with the [...]

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Krieghoff Choke Constrictions and Markings

Folks,Here are the current Krieghoff choke tube markings for your continuing Krieghoff education!Screw in choke markings are as follows-00 = C = Cylinder = 0.00 mm (.000")0 = S = Skeet = 0.13 mm (.005")1 = IC = Improved Cylinder = 0.25 mm (.010")1+ = LM = Light Modified = 0.38 mm (.015") 2 = M [...]

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Ages of K-80's Based on Serial Numbers (Estimated)

Here is a list of serial number range by year of manufacture. This is just an approximation, and keep in mind, some engraving takes quite some time to complete, so the date that the finished product ships could be years after the receiver was built, because the engraving took time to complete.Best,Will

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Common Bore Markings on Krieghoff Shotgun Barrels

Here is some information that could be useful to Krieghoff owners. These are common markings on Krieghoff shotgun barrels...K-80 Bore Markingmm 18.6mm  : 0.732" 18.7mm  : 0.736" 18.8mm  : 0.738"Barrels marked with 12 / 70 mean 2 3/4" chambers (trap usually) Barrels markedwith 12 / 76 mean 3" chambersThe common bore diameters are...12ga- .732-733"20ga- .619"28ga- .543".410ga- .401"Best,Will

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