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Blast from the past! Here is a good blog post from a few years back regarding target focus.....still applies today!


Please, tell yourself to FOCUS on the target

I stop by the local range, Rocky Creek , to drop off some Gamebore shotshells today, and a good old friend asked me to help him with a pair of targets that way giving him trouble. He helped me unload the shells, and I helped him with the station....fair enough.

So, it was a realitively fast true pair, and he was swinging the gun with enough energy that if we could convert it to electricity, we could light Las Vegas......and not hitting anything. So we talked briefly about a plan...which one to shoot first and why.....and still nothing.....lost/lost. Ok, I asked him what he was focusing on regarding the first target. I get a blank stare..... So I suggested that he try to focus on where the black belly meets the orange rim on that target. He loads up, and call for the pair..... dead/lost. Well, we are making headway!

A couple of more pairs....still dead/lost. I'm thinking surely he gets it....? We picked out some detail to focus on the first bird, so that he had the target in focus as he stroked the bird, and he hit it.....maybe we should do that on the second bird also? Nope, he was soooo wrapped up in shooting fast enough to have a chance at the second bird, he was not doing what was needed to break it. OK, lets take the next step...

I bring up that we hit the first bird by finding some detail to focus on, and he agrees....he understands that worked. So I bring up that maybe we should do that on the second bird [ok, I admit it, I used a bit of sarcasm at this point]. So we talk about the second bird, and decided on what was most visible on that bird in the area that he was going to engage it.....pull-DEAD PAIR.

Big Smile....and I got to see one of my favorite sights, the light bulb going off over his head.




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