KX-6S - Single Shot Trap



A pure single barrel competition Trap gun with the singles, handicap and league shooter in mind. Featuring the familiar high post adjustable rib and corresponding high-profile rollover stock borrowed from the K-80 Trap Special. The KX-6 Special offers the shooter a more upright head position, providing a wider field of vision and lessened perceived recoil.


The KX-6 Special represents the combination of the most modern materials and traditional fine craftsmanship. This craftsmanship has evolved over decades of careful attention to fine handwork and fitting and has been proven by years of extensive use of our guns in the field of competition. Today, all of this has resulted in a gun which we can call a product of the highest quality. The KX-6 is fully steel shot proof and has therefore the Lily marking. The KX-6 Special features a unique fully adjustable, ventilated, step rib which measures 12–8 mm in width. The rib can easily be adjusted, allowing you to change the point of impact quickly and conveniently. The gun is calibrated at the factory for a 80%/20% high shooting point of impact. Krieghoff KX-6 Special stocks are finished with a specially formulated epoxy lacquer which seals the wood completely so that it cannot be damaged even in the worst weather conditions. 


Gauges 12 Gauge (3” chambers)
Barrel Lengths 34” Choke Tubed 12-8mm Ventilated Free-Floating Adjustable Rib
Stock Right Handed or Left Handed Monte Carlo Stock with Adjustable Comb, Palm Swell, and Matching Trap Style Forearm