K-20 Parcours



High driven pheasants in England, a sky filled with doves in Argentina, fast red legged partridges in Spain call for a reliable, fast moving shotgun. The New K-20 Parcours, your perfect companion in the field. The perfectly balanced K-20 Parcours leads to a smooth swing, instinctive aim and precise shooting.

First and foremost the key to success is the intuitive mount of the gun, the rest follows naturally. Your instinct aims – the K-20 Parcours hits. Shotguns are designed for shooting moving targets. Clay or Game Shooting is a fast sport leaving little time to get on target. It requires a well balanced and easy pointing shotgun. Shooter and gun become one. The K-20 Parcours delivers. Light and slim, the K-20 Parcours is an easy transition from a 12 gauge. The gun has all of the proven K-80 features in a scaled down, small gauge version. The streamlined, low profile receiver complete with light barrels and trim stock provides excellent balance and handling characteristics.


Gauges 20 Gauge or 28 Gauge (3” chambers)
Barrel Lengths 30” or 32” Fixed Choke (M/IM) 8mm Soldered Rib
Stock Right Handed or Left Handed Parcours Stock with Adjustable Comb, Palm Swell, and Matching Parcours Forearm. Also Available with a Field Style Prince of Wales Stock.