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Time to plan your Sporting Clays Goals for 2016!


Setting Goals for the Upcoming Sporting Clay Season

Ok Folks,
Do you have this season's goals set? Often I hear that a student's goal is to move up in class....fair enough, I can see that......but realize, if that is the case, you need to plan your calender accordingly. If your goal is to move up, you have to not only improve your shooting ability [and of course yourcompeting ability], you have to go to where the punches can be earned. Drives me nuts when shooters go on and on about wanting to move up in class, but wonder why its not happening fast enough when they never go to any shoots of any size. The more shooters, the more punches available.

There is a whole world of sporting clays out there folks.....they don't just throw them at your home club. They even throw them in other states. Plan some trips....test yourself against new courses. To me, that is the real challenge in our sport.

Best Regards,



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