K-80 ACS



The ACS puts our founder Ludwig Krieghoff's axiom "you shoot with the barrel, you hit with the stock" into practice. The ACS buttstock has a #6 Adjustable Parallel comb that puts the shooter's eye directly over the rib. The ACS rib is raised high to facilitate a "heads-up" mount with adjustable front rib wheel to adjust the POI from 60/40 to 70/30 on the O/U and all the way to 100% on the Unsingle barrel. The ACS combo is the perfect solution for Trap shooters with a combination of an over/under barrel and an unsingle barrel allowing the shooter to shoot singles trap, doubles trap and even Sporting Clays or Skeet. The ACS is the complete "All Competition Sporting" shotgun.

Gauges 12 Gauge (3” chambers)
Barrel Lengths 30” or 32” Choke Tubed 10mm Adjustable Rib Over/Under
34” Choke Tubed 10mm Adjustable Rib Unsingle
Stock Right Handed or Left Handed ACS Parallel Stock with Adjustable Comb, Palm Swell, and Matching Trap or Skeet Forearm