K-80 Trap Special



Krieghoff is proud to offer the K-80 Trap Special Combo with fully adjustable high-post rib on the over & under, unsingle and top single barrel for point-of-impact (POI) adjustments. Built around the proven K-80 receiver, the Trap Special comes with 30″ or 32” O/U-barrels or a 34” Unsingle or Top Single barrel. The Trap Special can also be ordered as a combo gun with two barrels of the shooter’s choice. 

Titanium Choke tubes and a Monte Carlo trap stock with adjustable comb specifically designed for the high-post rib are standard features. Shipped from the factory with a 70%/30% POI in all barrels, the rib can be adjusted so the gun shoots a fairly flat 60%/40% or up to almost a full pattern high. Changing your POI to your personal preferences is as simple as using the adjustment wheel on the rib of the Trap Special. By loosening the set screw and lowering the rib down you can achieve a higher POI. The higher rib provides for good visibility around the gun and quick target acquisition. An added benefit is the low recoil due to a “heads-up” shooting position. 

Particularly unique is the fully adjustable O/U-barrel for shooting doubles. Not only can the point-of-impact of both barrels be adjusted simultaneously, you may also adjust the spread between the 2 free-floating barrels by changing the front hanger which results in different POI for each barrel, if desired. This way the bottom barrel can be set to shoot higher than the top barrel. 

The K-80 Trap Special Combo with the complete point-of-impact adjustment is a hallmark of Krieghoff shotguns.


Gauges 12 Gauge (3” chambers)
Barrel Lengths 30” or 32” Choke Tubed Adjustable Rib Over/Under
34” Choke Tubed 12mm Adjustable Rib Unsingle or Top Single
Stock Right Handed or Left Handed Trap Special Stock with Adjustable Comb, Palm Swell, and Matching Trap Forearm