K-80 Pro Sporter



The K-80 Pro Sporter features a Floating Rib suspended higher above the barrel than conventional Sporting Clays and Skeet competition shotguns. The higher rib design and corresponding higher stock allow the shooter to keep their head in a more erect position on the stock, thereby increasing sight range and allowing for quicker target acquisition, reduced neck fatigue, and reduced perceived recoil. 

A specially designed adjustment wheel fitted to the rib allows the shooter to select a flat shooting 50/50 POI or a slightly higher 60/40 POI by using a sight picture of bead behind bead. Both POI settings are approximations and can differ slightly. A higher POI of 70/30 is also possible by using a figure eight sight picture. Changing your POI to your personal preferences is as simple as using the adjustment wheel on the rib of the Pro Sporter. By loosening the set screw and lowering the rib down you can achieve a higher POI. 

The K-80 Pro Sporter transitions easily between all of the clay target disciplines offering the versatility and performance of Krieghoff.


Gauges 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge, 28 Gauge, or .410 (3” Chambers)
Barrel Lengths 30” or 32” Choke Tubed 12-8mm Floating Rib Adjustable Wheel
Stock Right Handed or Left Handed Floating Rib Pro Sporting Stock with Adjustable Comb, Palm Swell, and Matching Schnabel Forearm