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Tim Ward, our Krieghoff Certified Gunsmith

Tim Ward, our Krieghoff Certified Gunsmith

Annual Service

SA0100 K80/K20Service,lube,springs,test fire(1or2Bbls) $295.00

SA0101 K80/K20Service,lube,springs,test fire(3 Bbls) $320.00

SA0102 K80/K20Service,lube,springs,test fire(4 Bbls) $345.00

SA0150 K32 Service,lube, springs,test fire(1or2 Bbls) $375.00

SA0151 K32 Service,lube, springs,test fire(3 Bbls) $400.00

SA0152 K32 Service,lube, springs,test fire(4 Bbls) $425.00

SA0200 K80/K20/K-32 SerCheck;clean & lube $100.00

SA0201 KS-5/KX-5/KX-6 SerCheck;clean & lube $65.00

SA5125 KX-5/KX-6 Annual Service, lube, new springs $175.00

SA5127 KS-5 Annual Service, lube, new springs $195.00

SA5128 KX-5/KX-6 Service, lube, new springs &locking bolt $375.00

SA5129 KS-5 Service, lube, new springs & locking bolt $395.00

SB0850 Pro-rib fitting(tspec/prosport); customer's barrel $990.00

SB0900 Replace barrel lug and full polish and blue $550.00

SB1000 Jewel breech face $135.00

SB1010 Jewel monoblock and ejectors $270.00


SL0000 Labor $90.00

SL0001 Classic Left Hand triggers, installed $350.00

SL0002 Transfer of Firearm - Transaction Fee $50.00

SL0003 Folding Moon Sight only, no middle sights $395.00

SL0005 Folding sight/Krieghoff Express Sight $995.00

SL0006 Pivot mount scope CLASSIC, QUADRO DBL RIFLE $1,995.00

SL0009 Classic see-through sight $495.00

SL0010 Regulate rifle (w/o scope) $295.00

SL0011 Install scope mount on SEMPRIO and Site in $200.00

SL0012 Pivot Mount scope QUADRO DRLG, ULTRA $1,975.00

SL0013 Pivot Mount scope on HUBERTUS $1,495.00

SL0200 Change std blued pins & screws to std nickel $395.00

SL0201 Upgrade std blued pins & screws SS nickel $650.00

SL0202 Change std blue pins,screws&toplatch to Std Nkl $915.00

SL0203 Upgrade std blue pins,screws&toplatch to SS NKL $1,550.00

SL1000 Convert K80 to left hand opening $240.00

SL5111 KX-5/KS-5 Locking bolt, installed $250.00


Metal Finishing

SM0001 Make forend iron relief cut in K-32 $90.00

SM0002 Restore impact pins, 701-1 and 701-2 $275.00

SM0100 Full polish, hot blue O/U or Uns gun $995.00

SM0175 Polish, hot blue rec & iron(includes ann service) $550.00

SM0177 Glass bead, hot blue rec & iron $375.00

SM0200 Full polish, hot blue barrel $450.00

SM0201 Spot polish, hot blue barrel $300.00

SM0222 Glass bead, hot blue barrel, matte finish $450.00

SM0223 Glass bead, hot blue complete gun, matte $995.00

SM0224 Hot blue dip-misc parts (net) $50.00

SM0225 Hot blue dip-complete gun (net) $100.00

SM0226 Hot blue dip-barrel only (net) $50.00

SM0227 Hot blue dip-action only (net) $50.00

SM0260 Blue toplatch, hinge screws, pins, etc. $99.00

SM0270 Blue trigger guard or toplatch only $90.00

SM0300 Rust blue barrel:spot polish $750.00

SM0301 Rust blue barrel:full polish $950.00

SM0302 Sight in sbs barrel after rust blue-barrel w/scope $350.00

SM0303 Take nickel off and blue receiver and iron(annual) $725.00


Trigger Work

ST0000 Misc trigger work - $90/hr $90.00

ST0003 Adj triggers to factory/requested specs $100.00

ST0010 K20 Auto-safety installed $190.00

ST0210 K-80 Single release trigger $655.00

ST0211 K-20 Single release trigger $950.00

ST0215 K-80 Double release trigger $1,115.00

ST0216 K-20 Double release trigger $1,695.00

ST0230 K-32 Single release trigger, new hammer $835.00

ST0235 K-32 Double release trigger, new hammers $1,250.00

ST0236 Change single release to pull/pull,new sear $365.00

ST0237 Change double release to pull/pull,new sears $575.00

ST0300 K-80 Sear spring update $620.00

ST0301 K-80 Sear spring update, single release $675.00

ST0302 K-80 Sear spring update, double release $725.00

ST0350 K-32 Sear spring update $775.00

ST0351 K-32 Sear spring update, single release $825.00

ST0352 K-32 Sear spring update, double release $875.00

ST5200 KX-5/KX-6 Release trigger $425.00

ST5201 KS-5/KX-5/KX-6Convert release to pull $95.00

ST5202 KS-5/KX-5/KX-6 Trigger adjustments $45.00


Wood Work

SW0000 Misc wood work $90.00/Hour

SW0001 Repair crack-based on time:$90/Hour

SW0099 Gun Nuts to change recoil pad $50.00

SW0100 Install recoil pad $125.00

SW0150 Leather covered recoil pad $795.00

SW0500 Install spacers for LOP $50.00

SW0502 Jones stock adjuster $395.00

SW0504 Grip Cap; animal $850.00

SW0505 KX-6 Adj butt plate, installed $475.00

SW0506 K-80 Adj butt plate, installed $595.00

SW0509 K80/K20 Adjustable comb $694.50

SW0511 Additional soft comb piece $450.00

SW0512 Soft comb - original piece $275.00

SW0600 K-80/KS-5 BreaKO recoil reducer/stockbolt hole $395.00

SW0601 CLASSIC BreaKO recoil reducer $395.00

SW0749 Custom gun stock w/adjustable comb;starting at $3,210.00

SW0750 Custom gun stock, starting at $2,800.00

SW0751 Trip to range/fit to stock $250.00

SW0752 Fit customer to stock/take stock dimensions $125.00

SW0753 Hot oil bend stock $195.00

SW0754 Fleur-de-lis checkering-upcharge $695.00

SW0800 Cut stock for LOP or pitch $60.00

SW0801 Shave comb, re-cut checkering, refinish stock only $695.00

SW0802 Set Adjustable comb hardware deeper,refinish stock $795.00

SW1050 Refinish wood set in satin,std factory checker $995.00

SW1051 Remove dents and spray finish $350.00

SW1100 Change palm swell, checker, spray finish $595.00

SW1150 Refinish stock in satin,std factory checker $550.00

SW1200 Refinish forearm in satin,std factory checker $500.00

SW1300 Refinish wood set, high gloss,std factory chec $1,595.00

SW1350 European walnut oil finish $375.00

SW1351 Tru-oil finish $1,095.00

SW1498 Fit and bed buttstock $90.00

SW1499 Fit and bed forend $60.00

SW1500 Fit and bed stock and forearm $130.00

SW1501 Fit wood and barrel, new gun $0.00

SW1503 Exchange stock and forearm on new gun $130.00

SW1504 10k gold stock oval with 3 initials - por

SW1505 Inlet stock for cast or drop $100.00


Subcontracted Work

SX0001 Engrave 3 initials in stock oval - POR $0.00

SX0002 Factory harden and blue toplatch $195.00 

SX0100 Factory proofing of K80 action $550.00

SX0150 Gold plate upper housing-original part $75.00

SX0151 Gold plate trigger shoe-original part $75.00

SX0152 Gold plate barrel selector-original part $75.00

SX0300 Factory nickel r & i, annual service $950.00

SX0302 Factory nickel r & i not assembled (net price) $690.00

SX0303 Factory nickel KX5/KS-5 receiver,annual service $750.00

SX0304 Factory nitride finish of coin/nitride k32,annser $1,450.00

SX0305 Factory nickel finish k32, annual service $950.00

SX0307 Factory nitride finish of coin/nitride k80,annser $1,395.00

SX0309 Factory nitride finish of nickel k32,annser $1,600.00

SX0500 Factory re-case coloring $4,845.00

SX0501 Install impact pins $220.00


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